Unlocking Exciting Career Opportunities: University of Karachi Jobs 2023

Join the University of Karachi and Make Your Mark in Education Management

University of Karachi Jobs 2023: Unlocking Exciting Career Opportunities

Are you seeking a challenging and rewarding career in the heart of Karachi? Look no further! The University of Karachi, renowned for its excellence in education and research, is now accepting applications for various management positions. This prestigious institution is offering an array of job opportunities for talented individuals who aspire to make a significant impact in the field of education. Don’t miss out on this chance to join one of the leading universities in Pakistan. Read on to discover more about the available positions and how to apply.

Additional Registrar:

Enhancing Administrative Excellence:

As the University of Karachi strives for administrative excellence, the position of Additional Registrar plays a crucial role in supporting the institution’s growth. If you possess strong organizational skills, exceptional leadership qualities, and a deep understanding of administrative procedures, this opportunity is tailor-made for you. Apply now and be part of a dynamic team dedicated to the advancement of education.

Director ASCE:

Spearheading Academic Collaboration:

Are you passionate about fostering collaboration between academia and industry? The University of Karachi is searching for a Director for the Advancement of Scientific and Cultural Exchange (ASCE). This role requires a visionary leader who can establish and nurture partnerships with national and international organizations, facilitating research collaborations and promoting knowledge exchange. Step into this position and contribute to the university’s mission of creating a global impact through academic engagement.

Director ORIC:

Driving Innovation and Research:

Innovation and research are integral components of the University of Karachi’s mission. As the Director of the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC), you will be at the forefront of driving groundbreaking research projects and facilitating the transformation of ideas into practical solutions. This position calls for a strategic thinker with a strong background in research management and an entrepreneurial mindset. If you have a passion for pushing the boundaries of knowledge, seize this opportunity to lead the university’s research endeavors.

Director SMBBC:

Nurturing Business Incubation:

The University of Karachi recognizes the importance of fostering entrepreneurship and nurturing business startups. The Director of the Sindh Microbial Biotechnology Business Center (SMBBC) will be responsible for creating an enabling environment for aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to turn their innovative ideas into successful ventures. If you have a passion for supporting startups and driving economic growth through entrepreneurship, this role is your gateway to making a lasting impact.

Director Public Relations:

Amplifying the University’s Voice:

Effective communication plays a vital role in establishing a strong institutional image. As the Director of Public Relations, you will be responsible for developing and implementing strategic communication plans, managing media relations, and enhancing the university’s brand identity. If you possess exceptional communication skills, media savvy, and a knack for storytelling, join the University of Karachi and become the driving force behind its impactful narrative.


Ensuring Efficient Operations:

To maintain seamless administrative operations, the University of Karachi is seeking a highly competent Registrar. In this role, you will be responsible for overseeing student records, managing academic affairs, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. If you have a strong background in educational administration, exceptional organizational skills, and a keen eye for detail, this position offers you an opportunity to contribute to the smooth functioning of the university.

Project Director ERP:

Transforming Technological Infrastructure:

The University of Karachi is committed to leveraging technology to enhance its operational efficiency. The position of Project Director for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) requires a visionary leader who can oversee the implementation of a cutting-edge ERP system. If you have a strong background in IT project management and a passion for harnessing technology to drive organizational transformation, seize this opportunity to shape the university’s digital future.

Medical Officer:

Ensuring Campus Wellness:

The well-being of students and faculty is of paramount importance

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